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Help Wish List

We asked the Lockes what they need right now, and their responses are below. The needs will change as time goes on, and we will do our best to keep the list updated.


  • Would you like to receive flowers? Not really, we have several beautiful arrangements already, and for the Celebration of Life, would prefer a donation toward a memorial plaque at the all-new Komodo Kingdom at the San Diego Zoo

  • How about plants? Plants are good, especially plants that are easy to care for

  • Food? Yes [There is a whole section below on this.]

  • Would you like help around the house (laundry, yard work)? No, thank you. [This is one of Karl’s favorite distractions.]

  • What else? 



  • MIKAELA (Kieran's sister, 4th grade)

    • Books - Mikaela is especially interested in the Rick Riordan books and books about mythology. The Lockes set up a wish list of books that she does not have and is interested in.

    • She is getting a sewing machine, so fun fabrics, thread, notions, and kids sewing books are also great. 

    • Mikaela has an early day at school on Wednesdays (1:20), and that would be a great day to arrange to take her out for a couple hours on an adventure. She loves being active - hiking, biking, roller skating. Please contact us to coordinate the day.

    • If you want to take her to lunch or for a treat, she likes:

      • Pho / Ramen

      • Sushi or Salmon poke bowls

      • Boba - with decaf tea

      • Jamba juice

      • Starbucks hot cocoa

      • Del Taco

      • Spaghetti Factory

      • Mani/Pedi playdates

    • She has (or will be getting) a Knott's Berry Farm pass soon, so if you are planning to go to the park, she would love to join you.

    • At this point, the family has noted that she has many many stuffed animals, arts and crafts kits, and pop-its (if you know, you know), and has asked that she not get any additional items from these categories right now.


  • Fun and breaks for KARL

    • Invitations to hang out in the garage/backyard 

    • Wii golf

    • Pressure washing things

    • Rides in his convertible

    • Talking about SAABs and cars in general

    • Beer

    • Paddle boarding / kayak adventures (he can use Erika’s board)

    • Massages [contact us and we will give you their massage therapist’s information and you can pre-pay her directly. Massages are $60 per hour. Her name is Emily and she does house calls and she is AMAZING.]


  • Fun and breaks for ERIKA

    • Invitations to hang out that end before 10PM

    • Go for walks / hikes

    • Go for bike rides

    • Paddle boarding / kayak adventures (she has her own paddle board)

    • Fun events that make you laugh and smile (drag queen brunches, paint and wine nights)

    • Massages [contact us and we will give you their massage therapist’s information and you can pre-pay her directly. Massages are $60 per hour. Her name is Emily and she does house calls and she is AMAZING.]


To remember him with art and cards, KIERAN loved:

  • All things animals - Komodo Dragons, toucans, pandas, box jellyfish, axolotls  

  • Minecraft

  • Mario

  • Dinosaurs 


For FAMILY activities, if you want to coordinate something with them, they love going paddle boarding together, or riding bikes, or maybe going on a Duffy Boat. Outdoor activities are great and ideas are welcome.



  • Charcuterie boards on a Friday or Saturday night (or any night really) contact us if you need suggestions for local places that deliver.

  • Fresh bread

  • Weekday breakfast is oatmeal, but weekends are open to indulgences (Nate’s Korner breakfast burritos)

  • Lunch is usually Thistle, a vegan salad delivery service

  • You don’t necessarily need to go out of your way, but you are welcome to check in and offer something specific that is part of your every day routine.

    • Usually groceries are delivered via Instacart, but if you are going to Target or Costco or Trader Joe's...ask if we need anything.

    • Are you smoking meat or baking up a storm or making a double batch of soup? Feel free to ask us if we'd like some.

  • The apple crisp from Polly's Pies was a favorite of Kierans. It's nice to have as an occasional treat.

Meal Train for The Locke Family:

  • Meal Delivery (homemade or ordered) for 5 people. Household is 4 adults + 1 kid. Two are VERY light eaters, so it’s more like meals for 3-4 people. 

    • Eric likes to cook and it’s a way of coping and distraction, so meals every day are not needed

    • Make ahead / freezer friendly give the family flexibility

    • Dinner is usually around 5:00/5:30

  • Prefer on the healthy side of things during the week, more indulgent on the weekend

  • Karl is allergic to blue cheese, but no other food allergies


There is no need for a for a fundraiser to support costs for medical care. All Kieran's health care was covered by his medical insurance. Emotional support and friendship is really what the family would like, but if you really want to send gift cards or financially support the family, some ideas of things that would be used, and places the family frequents:


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